Social Media Marketing Packages

Social media marketing means being where your customers and their friends gather on the Internet. The top social areas are Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Other social avenues that may be beneficial to your business are Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Social marketing is successful because people talk about what is interesting and helpful to them. This creates a buzz seen by all of their friends.

You can take your social media marketing opportunity to the next level with eye-catching graphics that reinforce your branding. Internet users are visual by nature and interesting graphics will grab their attention.

Pro Epic has created two social media marketing packages enabling you to attract people to your organization.

Social Media Interfaces

  1. Initial creation, setup and customization of Twitter account.
  2. Initial creation, setup and customization of YouTube channel.
  3. Interfaces from the news/articles feed on your website to Facebook and Twitter, so when a news/article publishes it automatically posts to Facebook and Twitter.
  4. Social links on every website page to your: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and RSS feed for news/articles.
  5. Links from your social media accounts to your website.

Social Media Graphic Customization

  1. Custom Facebook profile and cover images.
  2. Custom Twitter color scheme, and profile avatar and header images, with your branding.
  3. Custom YouTube channel art with your branding

Management of Your Social Media by Pro Epic

It all starts with a consultation. We discuss your marketing plan and goals for social media with you and together work out a plan to best meet those goals. While the package below demonstrates a good general approach, each organization's needs are different and so each plan will be different.

Your social media marketing plan will include the topics you choose and the schedule of when the blog entries will be created. The plan is dynamic and can be adjusted as needed. We meet with you at least quarterly to discuss results and future social media strategies.

We learn your company persona and become your voice. Pro Epic will blog for you. We will interact with your commenters/followers on your blog, Facebook page, Twitter account and YouTube channel for you. You will be kept informed of comments. Negative comments will be shared with you as soon as possible and a process for responding to them will be worked out with you.

Monitoring the results of the social media is important to evaluate the marketing strategy and adapt to do what works best.

You will receive monthly statistics on:

  • Page views of your blog.
  • The number of followers you have on Twitter and YouTube.
  • For Facebook: lifetime likes, new likes, monthly active users, post views and post feedback.

Social Media Management Package Includes

  • Creation and posting of 1 blog entry, once a week.
  • With the inclusion of our social media interfaces package, the blog posts will automatically be sent to your Twitter and Facebook pages.
  • Personalized response as appropriate, to each person who leaves a comment on your blog, Facebook page, Twitter and YouTube accounts.
  • Consultations with you, one hour per quarter, to work out the social marketing plan, its direction and focus.

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