Who We Are

Based in Weatherford, Texas, Pro Epic Technology Solutions is owned by the husband and wife team of Bill Ervin and Cris Koonce. They share over 35 years in the computer services industry. Both are strongly service-oriented and it is no surprise that many of the websites they build are for service organizations.

What We Do

We provide Internet solutions for businesses and individuals. Those solutions may include website design and management services and systems, Internet marketing services, photographic and graphic design services, email marketing, and a full range of supporting products. Pro Epic is a privately owned company. Our web servers are housed in a data center that is located in Chicago, Illinois. Domain name registrations and email services are managed through a data center in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help businesses and organizations to compete effectively by establishing or improving their presence on the Internet through the benefit of our services and products.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to operate within a framework that allows all parties to benefit for the greater good. Profit-taking at the expense of society is parasitic and cannot be sustained indefinitely. We must find ways to grow together. Basically, if there is not enough pie to go around, we will find a way to make a bigger pie.

Our Promise

We promise to always conduct our business in a professional, ethical, and empathetic manner.