Custom product photographs are a great way to showcase your products and personalize your website. Quality images make your site more appealing, give it more credibility and help bring more business to your door. Internet users are becoming increasingly sophisticated and more difficult to impress. That's why your product photos need to be of the highest quality.

High-quality photos don't have to come with a high price. We can provide you with eye-catching images without breaking your budget.
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Our product photography package includes both the high-resolution image of each item and also a smaller web/email sized image.

Pricing is for items photographed individually against a white or a black background. Also included is a phone consultation to discuss your expectations. The photo shoot may take place at your location, or you may ship the items to us.

All image proofs will be available for you to view online or by e-mail. Proofs will be available for viewing within five business days of the photo shoot. You pay only for the images that you approve.

Approved and purchased images will be available for you to download or provided on a USB flash drive.

Multiple photographs of the same product are priced separately. (e.g. If we photograph the front of a product and the back of the same product separately, this is counted as two product photographs.)

Product Photography Package

The following sizes are provided for each product photo you purchase.

  • High-resolution image file that is a minimum of 4,000 pixels on the long side.
  • Web/email sized image that is 750 pixels on the long side

Each of the image files provided is in jpg format, sRGB color space. Other file formats (psd, eps, tiff, png, pdf) and color spaces (CMYK) are available for the high resolution image file, upon request.


For 1 to 24 Product Photos:$15.00 per product photo
For 25 or More Product Photos:$10.00 per product photo
Additional Services, Etc.
Rush Service$5.00 per Product Photo
Product Assembly$75.00 per Hour
Group Shots$2.00 For each additional item in one photo.
Return of ProductsCharged to your UPS account or billed at actual cost.
Hourly rate for travel for on-location photography$75.00 per Hour



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